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Red faces?

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I went out to take care of my 10 week old pullets this morning after a brief thunderstorm. It was their first experience with one although they have experienced both rain and snow. Coincidentally (or not) today was the first time I noticed that most of the naked skin on their faces (combs, wattles, around the eyes/ears) was pretty dark pink. Before it had been yellowish to very pale pink. Now I didn't suddenly have everyone turn cockerel on ne nor do I think 10 week olds are coming into lay, they pink up like that if they're scared/stressed?
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It does seem a bit early for the hormones to be kicking in. Is the red a cherry red or a dusty red? The former is the color of chickens in heat stress, whether from fever or environmental temperature. The dusty red is the normal red of facial skin of mature birds, cockerels getting red faces earlier than pullets.


If it is suddenly, unseasonably hot where you are, it might account for the reddening. Chickens don't take sudden changes in temperature very well.

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Mostly like the darker pink, shading to the lighter pink at the thinner outer tips/ridges.

Being spring in the midwest, temps are going all over the place, but it's only been in the 60s today.
I'll have to see what they look like tomorrow. Maybe they panicked at the storm, ran around like crazy chickens, and overheated themselves through exertion?
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It's possible. I've seen rapid changes in facial and comb color. One color you never what to see is bluish gray.

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