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Hen Cannot Stand!! Please Help!!

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Hello, I have owned chickens for a few years and as far as I can tell, every chicken illness is the same. That is why I have come to the chicken experts for advice! I have chickens of my own but I also help out at a farm a couple houses from where we live. Right now one of their hens has trouble walking, she hobbles instead, and standing in general. She crouches or lays down most of the time. When I picked her up she offered no resistance, but was alert and extremely terrified. When I put her down she collapsed on the ground and then slowly got up. I feared she had not been able to get food so I isolated her and provided food and water within reach, since on that point she was not standing or moving, besides the normal head swiveling and blinking. She was not vocal at all when I was with her. Is this nerves shutting down? She is about 4-5 years old. I would bring her to my house, except I fear that it could be Mareks. Any advice on chicken therapy would be greatly appreciated, or if I could figure out what the disease is that would be wonderful. Right now all we can do is wait. Sorry that I have no pics yet.

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I am having a similar issue with my rir hen..... Any advice
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Poor girl died today. We did our best.
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Lost another one, I'm not caring for the chickens over at the farm anymore, just precautions.
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Have they been exposed to pesticides or poisonous plants?
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Hi. I have just joined. My chicken is being the same and it is really upsetting to see. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Read up on mareks disease and botchulism and see if one of those is the culprit.
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The chickens over at the farm are fairly isolated and not free range. A few of their older chicken died from age, but besides that there is not really anything that would bring marked or any other disease into the coop.
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