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chickens die comb turning blue

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Hi, my brother got new chickens 80 and about 50 are now dead just two days after delivering them to his place. He told me they're not eating well and some have white dirrhea and some having green dirrhea. The comb of those dead turned blue. Could this be bluecomb? How could we stop it?
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It would be difficult to know what is was without more details. If they were chicks a day or two old, they may not have been properly cared for in transfer. They can become dehydrated, overcrowded, or cold, and that stress can affect their survival. If they were older, then it could have been coccidiosis or some other infectious disease. Cyanosis or blueness of the comb can be from the dying process, but mostly I have seen pale combs.  Blue comb is a disease affecting hen at laying age, and is rare nowadays. Here is some reading about it:

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They're point of lay hens and from what he told me they're over crouded from the where he got them. Temp is 30 degrees C.
From the update I got from him few hours ago, they have lice all over them. And that tells there old coop is dirty and unhyginic for them to thrive. He returned the remaining ones that survived. He's shocked and thinking of giving up keeoibg chickens cos this is his first time.
He didn't listen to me. I told him to start with a small number about 5 or 10. To learn how to cate for them.
So sad.
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Sorry about his flock. I think it is good for people to start with a few new chicks if possible, and raise them their own way in a clean environment with good nutrition. That way, you know what they have been exposed to, and have less a chance of bringing in disease and parasites. Then go from there and raise your own chicks each year.

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That's how I did. But for the first time I started with 20 point of lay chickens. I learn a lot from them. Then got 75 day old chicks raise them to 15th week and had an out break in summer. Only 19 survived. It was white bacillary dirrhea. Ididnt know untill lately last month when call my vet. Before then I raised another 50 day old chick and are now 37 hens laying at about 80 percent daily.
Am planning to raise cocks now. Already got a space for them.
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Just received my cock chicks few hours ago. All 50 chicks doing good in the brooda. I think they're gona sing all night long.
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Good luck and enjoy the singing.

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Is it possible it was frostbite? Sorry about your friend's chickens.

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Oh sorry, misread the title. Thought it said black, not blue. Tissue turning blue could possibly indicate lack of oxygen.

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