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Missing feathers

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My 4 week old Black Australorp  is going bald. I understand that they loose there feathers to get new ones but this is not right. They seem to be idk falling out and leaving bald spots all over her. And when picking her up she feels like nothing. I dont see her getting picked on she is very dominant and she eats very well and drinks. And poops just fine. So if she is not getting picked on and she not pulling them out what is it? Should I separate her from my other 6? Should I worry cause right now I am. If anyone can help me on what they think maybe happening, I would really appreciate it.. 

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well 1 from the looks of the comb you may have a little cockerel, 2 they go through an ugly duckling stage where they loose their down it may look like down is missing but since it is still growing it is more than likely that you are just seeing spaces between the down which happens on the shoulders underwings hips and inner legs.

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oh and looks like some little waddles too.

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So your telling me that this is normal for her and that my her maybe a him?

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yeah probably most chicks do have gaps in their feathers hear and there as they grow he is probably just more noticeable yeah if you are saying they are only 4 weeks old then the comb would not be growing quite yet and there would be no waddles until a few more weeks but you can see hints of waddles in all three pics the first one is a side view you can see them coming across the second one up top I can see red not blood just waddle color and the third you can sort of see the shape.

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can't have roos or don't want any more?

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Cant have them. Its a bummer.
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You could caponize it they don't feel the urge to crow, but it is better than having him go to a place for cockfighting or supper. Usually farm stores will take them back before 5 weeks ask them if they will take it back.

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