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When to assist?

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I'm hatching duck eggs, and they all externally pipped Tuesday evening and where I am it's now Thursday evening. Two have broken through the outer membrane, which was Wednesday night, but both of them are continuously hitting their beaks against the same spot and the membrane around the pup area has turned dry and a tan colour. I've tried dampening the membrane but I'm worried that the duckling is either stuck on the inner membrane or if it hasn't absorbed the yolk yet? Both are peeping and seem quite active when I talk to them but I'm not sure what to do. The other two ducklings haven't pipped through the outer membrane yet and it's been just under 48 hours.
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what's their due date?

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It's today
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sometimes they can take a few days from pip to hatch, usually they pip early though.   you can try one and see if there is blood when you pull the membrane back, if not then just open the shell enough it can get it's head out and streach, allow it to push itself out of the shell, if you see any blood or yolk stop.

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