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Help, Is something wrong?

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My chickens are about 4-5 weeks old at this point,  Tonight, for some reason they will not stop "peeping" They have food, they have water, they do not seem to be hot or cold, (not staying near the light or in the shade they're all spread out) .  I thought maybe they needed some time to stretch their wings and let them run around for a little while hoping to tire them out.  No effect,  We started feeding them little chicken treat grub worms as treats, a few a day, not a lot.  could they have stomach aches or something?  any advice?  (I have 8 total, supposed to be all Golden Sex Link Pullets but we think we may have 1 or 2 roosters)

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If its evening time, i would expect them to be together, so maybe its too warm? If they are indoors, then at that age they should not really need additional heat - you could try increasing the height of the lamp to see if that helps.



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I turned off the light for a while earlier; and they got even more upset.

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They are creatures of habit and don't like change - thats likely to be the reason why they made noise. 



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Perhaps these chicks are finally getting fed up with being confined to a small, crowded space with light shining on them all their lives, all day and all night long, not to mention being overheated when they're already fully feathered and should have been weaned off heat already.


Chicks only need a heat source up to around age four weeks when most have reached the fully-feathered stage, and the heat should have been reduced to a maximum of 70F at this point under the lamp, and much cooler in the rest of the brooder, space allowing.


It's time for these chicks to move into a coop.

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