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Pips but no chirping?

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Day 20,have three pips. One good one, but I don't see any movement and no chirping from all 15 eggs. They all seemed great when I candles on day 17. I have a brinsea octagon 20 advanced with humidity pump. Humidity is at 67% and temp at 99.5. The good pip happened sometime when I was at work. Been home for 2 hours and no progress on any eggs. The good pip doesn't seem to be moving. I won't open it but am of course worried due to lack of progress. Thoughts on the temp, humidity and pips? Also, the pencil is the outline of the day 17 air sacks. The pips are outside it,how possible is it they drowned? Sorry if the pics aren't that clear.

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You have nothing to worry about, it all sounds very normal. After they externally pip they rest a lot while they are absorbing the yolk and blood vessels. They don't constantly chirp so you have to be there at the right time to catch them doing it. It can take 24 hours plus for them to hatch from their external pip.

Temp and humidity sound good and exactly what I run in my Brinsea with pump.

Your pips look ok, they do often pip below marked lines due to the draw down of the air sac during the hatching process.

Im afraid it's a waiting game for you now, so sit on those hands and let nature take its course.

Good luck with your hatch big_smile.png
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Thank you! 3 of 15 hatched so far. More have pipped. The 3 chick's keep knocking the eggs around and the pips end up on the bottom. Is it okay to turn those eggs right side up or can they hatch upside down like that?
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I would leave them as they are because they will get knocked around again so for me it would not be worth risking opening the incubator just for them to get knocked again. I don't open my incubator after lockdown only when hatch is complete or its full of hatched chicks.
I've had chicks hatch with other chicks sat on top when the incubator has been full.

Things sound on course with your hatch and that it's going well.

Congrats on your hatched chicks woot.gif
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