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I'm going to check on her in an hour and of no progress I will help. I'm certainly not agains assisting as my first (and only) chick wouldn't be alive if I hadn't.
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The membrane is thick because your humidity is high, I would proceed with helping the chick zip, or you will risk losing it. It can shrink wrap and die. 30 hours is a very long time to not be making any progress after a zip started.

Keep us posted!
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hkw should I go about helping?
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Update: I helped the chick after 40 hours! She is still laying on the incubator floor. She will chirp at pip (my 4 w/o chick) and move a little. There is what looks like poop still on her but and maybe the umbilican cord, there was also some blood. I'm worried she's not going to make it... She's not looking so good.
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After 40 hours she is going to be worn out so she will rest a lot. The pic is not that clear but it does look to be umbilical that's attached to her. This should dry up and fall off of its own accord. If they have been in the egg a long time they can sometimes poop in it so that's nothing to worry about, it means she absorbed the yolk and the digestive system is starting to work. Just check her umbilical area to make sure it's clean and no poop is on it.
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Ok so she is alive and chirping very loudly. She is still in the incubator. Her feet are curled so I band- aided them. She's been trusting to stand and wiggles her way around the incubator. She hasn't had much success at getting her feet under her to stand. Any ideas? Also when would a good time be to put her in the brooder?
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I  always help them out if they don't make any progress,especially ,if I'm going to bed.Every one ive left over night has died.This hatch with1588 ,was a lot better, I watched a few and they came out in 5 mintues.I had 4 hatched when i went to front door and had 11

I only helped out 3 out of 60 this time.I love my new 1588.s.I can maintain humidinty easy compared to the little giants.You only have to fill up !/2 of ist trough.I never could get it up in little giants with all troughs filled and sponges.This made a big difference.Last 3 days maintained 65%.Best hatch ever about 99%

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Get some rubber shelf material,.I got mine at dollar store

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