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What is this egg color?

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It's a bit early, but one of my 4 month old hens laid an egg today!  Can you tell me what I've got here? Is it an olive egger? It looks more like a mushroom color, kinda taupe. Is there a color name for this egg?

The mix is an Araucana hen x Black Copper Murans rooster.


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That's a beautiful and unique colored egg! I would call it an olive egg. There are many different shades of green eggs from bright green, almost blue down to dark olive, like this egg. I do know that generally crossing a blue/green egg layer with a dark brown egg layer produces an olive egger. ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


Reply ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


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Thank you! From reading discussions here last fall, I saw a guy say he crossed a BCM w/a blue easter egger and got olive green eggs. Since I had a BCM rooster, we gave it a whirl.  Later thought for sure they'd be chocolate, since all the hens are black just like BCM hens (homogenous I later learned here).  I too think it's 'some shade of olive', not much green in there, but we'll take it!  It blends well with our cartons! : ) nice color palette. 

This is just what we wanted and our family is so delighted!  :yesss:   :love

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