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First pip!

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Woke up this morning to our first pip...but it's a full day early! How much do I need to worry? This is my first ever hatch so I'm a nervous wreck anyway. Lol. These are eggs from my own birds...set 37,had one with a crack that started to stink on day 10. On day 14 tossed out the clears and 3 with blood rings and have 26 left that went into lockdown on Friday. I also marked the air cells in day 18. I'm using a Farm Innovators 4200, circulated air and an egg turner. Temps have been pretty stable at 99.5-100.5. Gave dry incubation a try; kept it at 30-40% and on Friday raised it to between 65-70%. When I got up this morning humidity was up to 75%,temp at 100 (and this is with one of the vent plugs out). Should I try and lower the humidity at all? Maybe take out the second vent plug? And is the chick pipping in the right spot? Sorry about the cord...I'd taped a digital terrarium thermometer/hygrometer to the lid so I didn't have to rely on the crappy built in one and it must have fallen last night, too. Didn't want to open the bator after I saw the pip.
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Leave your humidity up. It will be fine.

Personally I have removed my plugs and don't use them even while incubating.

I want good ventilation and chicks need good air exchange while hatching. I would take the other plug out but that's me.

Your pip looks to be in a good position.

Now comes the hard part.

Setting back relaxing while the eggs take their sweet time hatching.
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Went to the store...I was gone less than an hour and this is what I came home to!
There's one more that's pipped and a lot of rocking from some of the others. This is so awesome! :-D
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