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Waiting list..

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I had been eyeballing a pair of Super African geese for a week or so and when I had the funds, they were sold out. I was fortunate enough to get on the waiting list.

Does anyone know the likelihood of being lucky enough to snag a pair? Is there anyone out there in the same boat?
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I have a pair of Super Africans coming in May from Metzer's Farm.  It will be the first time I've ever had geese and I'm excited...and a bit scared I might do something wrong. 

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I ordered a pair of super Africans and Sebastapols from Metzer too, due in May. Its also our first time with geese.

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Maybe I should check their site again. I was trying to get in on the April 4th ship date but didn't make it in time. I have no prior goose experience as well, and I wish you guys the best of luck.

EDIT: I just checked and they're apparently sold out through July.
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I would keep an eye on the Metzer site Wild Hair as last year they had some super Africans available later on in the year I think it was November. There is also Holderreads but they are a bit too expensive for me at the moment. The other place is Johnsons waterfowl though you will have to call or email them.
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Thanks Abby I appreciate it. I was mostly interested in Metzers because I ordered my runners from there. But I'll check into the others sites you listed. I'm pretty much sold on the Supers but I could probably settle for some regular Africans or some Chinese. Do these other sites have a minimum order amount? I really only have the space for two geese right now.
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No worries Wild I just did lots of google searches because the hubby was sold on them. Not sure on minimums for Johnsons Waterfowl when I looked he still had buff super's you can also purchase them via efowl as the middleman. Holderreads I think minimum is two but like I said they were a bit rich for me, maybe down the line. If I was you if your sold on the super's then send Metzers an email see if they may have any later on in the year like I said they had some available last November. Good luck on the search I have my fingers crossed for my 4 little ones to hatch on May 16th.
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Best of luck with your little ones. My little runners are shipping in two weeks and I can't wait.
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Ordering some Buff Africans from Johnson's today. I spoke with a lady on the phone and she seemed very polite and was very helpful. And did I mention how low their prices were!? Cheap charge on small orders and very reasonable shipping charges. They'll hatch in the next couple weeks she said!
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So pleased for you Wild, I used Metzer only because I wanted another breed as well as the super Africans but I love the buff colour, please post pictures when you get your Runners and goslings so I can ohh and aahh .:D

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