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Too drafty?

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We've recently moved and this small barn was a pre-existing structure on our acreage. I decided it was perfect for my poultry, but I noticed today that it's rather chilly in the upstairs portion of the barn where the chickens stay. In the pictures I've attached shows the open overhang letting in air, but I wonder if it's too drafty or is too much ventilation. I am putting in chicken wire to close off the overhang to keep sparrows and such out of the barn, but I wonder if I should close off some of the sections permanently.
Also, last weekend it was rather warm for a spring day here in Michigan (about 70 degrees) and the upstairs was stuffy, so we were considering adding a vent fan to keep air moving.

**Fixing that broken door is also on the list when we add the run this coming weekend 😊

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I would say it is fine you want the under the eaves type of ventilation that way it is above the birds and they don't get cold, as long as the air isn't directly blowing on them then they will be fine

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The air seems to come up and follow the roof line. I guess I was concerned because as I was holding one of my girls, I noticed that her legs and feet were kind of chilly.
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being that they have scales on their legs they will be a bit cooler than their body, but if you use 2X4's for roosts then it forces them to sit on their feet keeping their feet warm at night that building is just fine for a coop for them.

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remember they register temp different than we do because they have all of the insulation A.K.A down, but they also have a higher temp than we do

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Awesome. Thanks! I'm still fairly new to poultry keeping, so I'm still learning!
As far as roosts, I'm using some thick branches I found in our woods. They seem to really like them!
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they will take to just about anything but if you get worried about their legs getting cold you just have to make it so that they sit on their feet.

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