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I currently have 8 chicks, 6 RIR and 2 BO, currently 3.5 weeks old.  I have been told by folks on here that 2 are cocks.   I do not want the cocks, and plan to get rid of them. That said, I have seen the option to buy chickens that are 4-9 weeks old, and I am tempted to go that route, but I don't know how soon I should do this, and if it is a good idea? Would I be able to go ahead and put the 4-9 week olds in with my current bunch, or should they be kept segregated?



If I were to go with the day old chick route, how long would it be suggested to wait until I put them out with my current bunch, or if I did this soon, would it matter either way?

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Depends on thier true age. If the new ones are about the same size and you have enough space then yes I think it would be ok to mix them. However depending on your area 4-9 weeks might also be ok to go out side. So if you get a few that are obviously bigger then the others I would put them strict into the coop and run till your littles are about 5 weeks or featheredand big enough to go out side
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