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UPDATE: (sorry its so late, I've been reaaaaaally busy!!)


We got 9 little chickies! Four little Leghorn/Rhode Island reds, and 5 little Ameraucanas.


As for the six eggs that didn't hatch...


They hatched, but about a full week later. I continued to candle them, and they were still alive. So I decided to see if they would pip. And one did! Though my father was quite concerned, as he pipped at the wrong end. So in his panic, (I did not advise this at all, mind you. I was away that night at my Grandmother's house.) he busted the little baby from his egg. At first, he was terrified. He thought our little baby chicken was deformed. There was something wrong with his footsie...


Well, as it turns out, THEY'RE DUCKS. 


We were accidentally given 6 little duck eggs that the farmer thought were chickens!! We took care of them like they were chickens, expected chickens, heck, we didn't even do anything that ducks would need in their incubation process. But so far, even through all that- Four of the six have hatched, and the two more have pipped. 


I'll take some pictures for you all and post them on my profile page. Sorry for the delay, again!! 

Oh, and my S.O. made a post about a question that they had. Please check it out!!


Thanks everyone!! <3