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need help

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i went out to feed and water the chickens this afternoon and noticed one was missing, upon inspection I found her out in the run huddled up near the coop, not moving, feathers fluffed, tail down. I picked her up and she feels really light brought her inside and set up a spot for her gave her a waterer and food, she went right for the food when I gave it to her. hasn't touched the water yet. she doesn't seem to have mites or any injuries that I can see. she seems sleepy, keeps closing her eyes like she's tired. its been cold and snowing here for two days but she was in the coop yesterday and seemed fine. any ideas what I should be looking for?

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If you have Nutri-Drench on hand, you might give that to her.  


Feel her abdomen and see if it's an internal laying issue, or ascites or what...  Also check her crop and see if there's anything abnormal there.  

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Along with the Nutri-drench or electrolytes, I would bring her inside for warmth and observation. Drinking fluids is more important at first. Crop or gizzard problems, internal laying , egg peritonitis, or many other things could be the cause of her illness. Bullying or being kept from food and water might also be something to look for. How old is she and has she recently been laying eggs?
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i have her inside, she started drinking water, I don't have anything on hand am going to feed store tomorrow. she is about 1 year old, I got her from a friend about a month ago (he was selling his farm and had 15 chickens to give away) I took 8 they were all very health, coop was clean, and they were all laying. they are still laying along with my girls. they broke down the wall I had separating their runs Friday and have been friendly to each other. haven't seen any bullying. UPDATE: she has been sleeping all afternoon, moving her head to eat and drink. she pooped and its runny, I don't see any blood. she is still puffed up and looks weak.

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You may want to go ahead and treat her with Corid for possible coccidiosis, since she recently moved onto new soil. There could be a different strain of coccidia in your soil that she has no resistance built up for. Dosage is 2 tsp of the liquid Corid, or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. It won't hurt her or the others even if that is not the problem. Until you get Corid give her water with a tsp of sugar, and a tiny pinch of salt to a quart of water. You can also check inside her vent an inch or so with a finger for a stuck egg.

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should I treat everyone just in case or just see if she improves with the treatment first? UPDATE: she is now standing, she hasn't moved but she stood up.

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UPDATE: took her to the vet because I couldn't find corid anywhere. turns out she is egg bound. they have her on a treatment protocol and the egg should pass soon. hopefully it will turn out well the doc seems very optimistic.

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That was one of the things I had suggested checking for (being egg bound.) I am glad the vet thinks she will pass the egg. Keeping her in a warm humid environment such as a bathroom after running a hot shower to make it steamy can help to pass the egg. Did the vet give her some extra calcium? Let us know what happens. Good luck.
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she gave her a large dose of calcium and sent her home with more for me to give her the next couple of days. keeping fingers crossed everything goes well. will post updates.

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egg still hasn't passed but has moved. vet doesn't seem worried but I am getting worried. gave her more calcium and clavamox she's still very warm. keeping fingers crossed.....

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