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Bugs and pests

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Should preventative measures be taken in my duck run for insects or parasites before my ducks arrive? I am contemplating bug bombing the lean-to area they'll be staying in but don't want to if it's unnecessary. Also,will my ducklings need any wormers or medication upon arrival?
Thanks for your time
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if it is buggy you can use DE(it kills the bugs but doesn't hurt the birds), I would use pesticides around any of my birds, I'm not a huge you can't use that because it is a chemical(everything in the universe is a chemical because all of the elements on the periodic table are chemicals) type person, but I don't like to use it anyway because the stuff in their environment eventually makes its way into their system. They only need meds or wormers if they have the problems that those fix, the only thing I would do would be to add ACV to the water as it helps their stomach and that get over the stress of travel, it also helps prevent pasty butt.

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Thanks chickenlover. I share your thoughts on chemicals. I like the thought of only treating them as needed. I've heard some ugly things about DE and some even claim it doesn't help. I also wondered about adding lye to my sand as I move it into the pen.
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DE is fine to use, but I would be worried about the lye burning their feet, because of its reaction with water.

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Thanks for that little snidbit about lye. More research is always necessary.
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After looking again, I see that I confused lye and lime...
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Unless the bugs / pests are carrying disease, I'd suggest leaving them for the ducks to consume.  We have 15 of the bug-eatenest varmits (Muscovies) this side of the Pecos!!  We grew very large yard spiders until last year.  They're all but gone now.  Frogs (poor Kermy) are moving out daily and even small snakes have been consumed by the voracious ducks.  We have one that goes into a shelter we built and sits in middle of it and catches flies like there's no tomorrow.  Yucky for  you and me, but in the big scheme of things, pure protein for our fine feathered friends.  Just something to consider.


Troy & Tina

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Ducks aren't usually susceptible to worms and pests if they have a balanced diet and clean environment. I think the long periods of time they spend in the water helps with things like mites, too. I wouldn't spray for bugs because I don't use pesticides. Plus, the ducks will enjoy getting rid of any bugs in their area themselves. I also wouldn't treat for worms unless you see clear signs of infestation. I'm not sure if it is even safe to give dewormer to a duckling.

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Originally Posted by Wild Hair View Post

After looking again, I see that I confused lye and lime...

after rereading this I thought that maybe you meant lime

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Thanks tmorgan and lomine. That's partially why I wanted to stray away from pesticides. Mites and fleas were my main concern.

Sorry for the confusion chickenlover but still thanks for educating me on lye. I think I will mix in some lime though lol.png
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