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5 week old chick

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My chicks feathers have not developed correctly. On Saturday she started stumbling around brooder. As of Sunday she won't walk or lift her upper body. She can drag herself around some. She is not eating and I have tried some hand feeding. Can anyone help?
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Welcome to BYC. Have you had this chick since she was days old? Has she been eating a drinking normally? Get her on some chick vitamins in her water right away, and make sure that she is drinking or give it with a dropper. Baby vitamins(polyvisol no iron) 2-3 drops orally once a day could be good if she isn't drinking well. Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? How old is she exactly? Try feeding her a bit of plain yogurt mixed with some raw egg and her feed daily.
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I hatched her and two other chicks. She has received no vaccinations. I don't know what to vaccinate and where to get it. She has ate and drank normally till this weekend. I syringe water her several times a day. I bought a vitamin for her from TSC. But they didn't have chick vitamins. I have been giving her yogurt via a syringe several times a day. I'll add the egg. She hatched March 5th.
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Sorry, it is B-12 vitamin I purchased.
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TSC normally has SaveAChick vitamins with electrolytes, Rooster Booster and Durvet brands. She needs a multivitamin with electrolytes for now--the B12 is not enough. Mareks vaccine is mostly given at hatcheries, and it would be too late to do it now. I just needed to know if she was vaccinated in case Mareks disease might be a possibility. Let us know how she gets along.
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My little chick did not make it. Thank you for your help.
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Very sorry that you lost your chick.
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Thanks. Next time I'll have this information sooner and maybe that will help. Praise the Lord the other 2 chicks I hatched are doing well.
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