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pipped but not hatching

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I have 6 easter eggers in a styrofoam incubator.  Today is day 20 and this morning I noticed 3 have pipped.  By afternoon, two chicks are completely hatched.  Three eggs are doing nothing and 1 hasn't made any progress at all.  I'm afraid the pipped chick is dead, how do I know?

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Eggs can take up to 24 hours from first pip to zip. Every egg hatches different, so I wouldn't worry about the pipped egg at all if the chick pipped on the right end (near the air cell). Sometimes a pipped egg will just sit there for a long time, then suddenly you'll start to see a bigger crack!

Chicken eggs hatch day 21 (if temps have been right). I'd say you're right on time with the other eggs. They may pip tonight, and hatch day 21. ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


Reply ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


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