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What should I do?!

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At the end of day 21, I had an egg rocking for a couple hours. Day 22, it started peeping in the morning. Day 23 and it has been almost 24 hrs since the peeping started. Yesterday afternoon (12 hrs ago), there was some really loud peeping that lasted several hours, and now I am not hearing anything and nothing has pipped. Should I try to assist by making an air hole in the egg that had the internal pip? Thanks.

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Check out this thread:

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Thanks for the link!

Unfortunately, I should have intervened. The "books" say not to, but I regret that. My internal pips never externally pipped and ended up dying. The eggs shells were SO hard. I could barely crack them myself. I found perfectly formed babies with yolk sacks completely absorbed. A couple had even pooped in their shell. They fought the good fight and must have suffocated. :(

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