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Ok, So a few days ago we caught the neighbors boxer red handed carrying off one of our Appenzeller hens.  My husband ran out of the house and dog dropped her.  I, being 6.5 months pregnant went out looking for chickens with my husband, found my 5 year olds favorite splash cochin hen full of holes, yet still alive at this point in the yard.  Husband went looking though the hills and found a bunch of our flock.  At that point we had found 2 dead Gold Laced cochin hens and were missing a Black Copper Maran hen, all laying hens I might add.  Later that night our Naraganssett turkey died from the attack.  Today my husband went out to clean the coop out, and found a Gold Laced Wyandotte dead in the coop and the Blue Splash cochin dying. 


What I need to know is how much these hens are to replace, how much to tell my neighbor he owes us for replacement cost.  He told David he would pay replacement cost to us, so I need to know how much they would cost?


Thanks in advance



Are you free ranging these chickens?  You're going to need to up the security that you have because there are other predators that can take your chickens even if the boxer is locked up.