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I ordered a mix bag from Cackle and it looks like most of them are roos. Some are being aggressive. :( Can you help gender/breed identify them? Thank you!


Buff brahma? It has feathered feet. A hen I hope!



Porcelain D'uccle? I am thinking roo....




Phoenix?  A roo? 



Same bird above and below (has full feathered feet). I am thinking Partridge Cochin? Hopefully a hen!






This bird is a beautiful gray color and very smooth. He is aggressive though. Probably a roo? 



This one is aggressive too. Aracauna roo? 


This one looks like the one above. Aggressive too. 



 Barred rock roo? 




Thanks for your help. 

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Also, all are bantams. :)

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#1 Buff Brahma, could you get a full body shot including tail? I'm leaning towards cockerel though :(.

#2 Porcelain D'uccle, how old is it? It could be a Pullet (need better picture of the tail also).

#3 Looks like it could be a Dutch bantam or an OEGB cockerel.

#4 Partridge Cochin, need a better full body shot including tail.

#5 Maybe a Hamburg? Cockerel

#6 Easter Egger cockerel

#7 Easter Egger cockerel

#8 Barred Rock cockerel (does it have feathered feet? If so it is a Barred Cochin)

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