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Possible failure to thrive?

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This is my first time raising chicks. I bought 7 sexed pullets of different breeds and they're about a week and a half now. My Welsummer chick seems to be about half the size of the rest. She's pooping normally, and I've seen her eat and drink but it doesn't seem nearly as frequent as the rest of the chicks, she also seems to be sleeping a lot more then the rest and fairly lethargic. I've been giving her some scrambled eggs for extra protein and I have put cell salts into their water (as a have another scissor beak chick who also needs the added vitamins and minerals). I'm just wondering if there's anything else I can do to hopefully help this chick thrive. Thanks!
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Welcome to BYC!


What is "cell salts"?

What type of feed are you using?

What does her poop look like?

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I attached a photo of the ingredients in the cell salts.
And I am using 20% starter crumble.
Her poops look pretty similar to the rest of the chicks, just a little bit smaller and maybe a bit drier, but not much of a difference.
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Is she your only Welsummer chick? Sometimes some chicks are just born naturally smaller. It does not necessarily indicate failure to thrive as long as they are otherwise healthy.
Also some breeds (I'm not sure about the Welsummer breed) are slower to mature than other breeds. I'm not familiar with the Welsummer so I don't know if that's the case or not.however as long as the chick is eating and drinking and is otherwise healthy it should be alright. You mentioned she was excessively sleepy? That could be a sign of coccidosis. Other signs are lethargic behavior, ruffled feathers, may or may not have blood in stool, and can have foamy droppings. If you suspect coccidosis treat the whole brooder with Amprollium. Brand name corid.keep a eye on her but if you suspect coccidosis treat as soon as possible. Hope this helps a bit. Best wishes
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Yes she's my only Welsummer, I've been trying to research and see if they are slow growers but I can't quite find a whole lot. they're on medicated feed as well. I don't think it is coccidiosis, because the only symptom would be lethargy that she has. But it is also my first time raising chicks so I'm far from seasoned lol
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