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Black Sexlink very weak acting

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I went out to the coop on Friday to feed and check on my chickens, and noticed that my sexlink was laying under the nesting box. She always comes to me when I am outside. I picked her up and sat her down and she stumbled and few steps and wouldn't eat. At this point I brought her inside and she just laid on her side on a blanket like she had no energy. To be honest I thought she would die before the end of the night. Here we are Sunday morning and she's still holding on. She mainly sits like normal but acts like she can't hold her head up. She is not eating on her own and I have been giving her water with a dropper. She will drink it it I put it in my Palm and near her mouth. I'm wondering if there is something I can do for her or get pointed in the right direction. here is a picture of how she was standing when I woke up yesterday.
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I will add, she seems to poop fine, but since she is mainly just on a liquid diet, it is runny. She flapped her wings a few times throughout the night but mainly just sits there with her head drooped over.
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Anyone have any ideas? She hasn't changed much. I've got some food soaking in powered and she seems to drink that fine when I to her head. I don't feel like much is changing. Some days she seems like she is getting better then we wake up the following morning and back to the day before.
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Well I'm going to put her back in the coop. For some reason I thought this was the place to go for tips and help. She won't eat inside but seems to graze fine outside and even tried running from me until she lost her balance and stumbled. She just seems weak now but she is eating the grass a good bit and drinks water fine so I'm going to put her with the others and see how she does.
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Sorry that you had no response so far. Is her neck weak and droopy or is it stuck down? She sounds like she is very weak and dehydrated. If she is fairly young or new to you, she could have coccidiosis, and Corid (amprollium) in her water for 5 days will treat that. Worms can also be a problem. I would mix some of her feed with some raw egg, plain yogurt,  and vitamins and electrolytes, and add water to make it runny. See if she will eat some. Do you know if she was vaccinated for Mareks disease? Mareks can cause some of the weakness, neck issues, and balance problems, but both dehydration or coccidiosis should be considered first. Let us know how she gets along.

Dosage of Corid is 1 1/2 tsp of the powder Corid, or 2 tsp of the liquid per gallon of water for 5 days. Valbazen is an excellent wormer. Dosage 1/2 ml orally, then repeat in 10 days.

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Well, i was out of town a few days after putting her back in the coop. The others were picking on her so i split them up and kept fresh food and water out for her and some greens. When i got back in town, she was much better. I introduced them all to each other yesterday and she stood up for herself and seems to be doing much better. Not sure what happened to her, but she appears to have made a full recovery. Thanks for the tips, but she seems to have overcome this one herself.
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This wa the day I brought her in. I am very surprised a d grateful she made it.
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I'm glad to here that she has recovered well. Thank you for the update.
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