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sorry if I am starting repeat threads but I am looking for anyone who can respond 24 in incubator

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What should I do??  My daughter's teacher hatched two eggs in a classroom incubator last year.  We took them home...50/50, got one hen and one rooster.  Trying to do full life cycle here...she had the incubator going again with eggs the school get and I put 7 of our eggs in to see what happened.  One went bad.  Two hatched on Friday (they are in the brooder).  My 4 are the only ones left.  Today is day 24.  We had agreed to wait until today (Monday) before pulling the plug.  Before I let her I wanted to do the float test just to make sure.  3 didn't pass but one is bobbing and rocking.  She doesn't have a thermometer or way to read humidity in the incubator.  I put a small thermometer in and it appears to be about 97 degrees (I don't even know how to turn it up).  I am worrying that it's not humid enough and was going to put a wet towel in.  I am scared about the whole "helping" thing.  I was over the moon that I even got two.  I just don't want to abort the one that is rocking in the water!  I don't want to be too much of a pain to the teacher since she was nice enough to let "crash" her incubator in the first place.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!!

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Let it incubate another day or two. 


Before the teacher does this again, inform her about temperature and humidity needed to successfully hatch eggs.

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Thank you for responding.  We are leaving it in there for a couple of days.  I put a wet wash cloth in there with it...I wasn't sure if I should.  She does this every year but has an older styrofoam incubator and she isn't very technical about it (whatever happens, happens).  She always has some hatch.  I only did the float test to check because I didn't want to abort one of my living eggs.  I am going to look to see if I can buy her a device that shows the humidity inside her incubator.  Do you know if they make such a thing?  I had toyed with the idea of buying my own to put these eggs in but we are only doing it this one time so it would have been a large expense for a first and last trial.

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I use the Incutherm thermometer/hygrometer.


I have both the regular and the remote.  I like the remote since I can put the sensor closer to the eggs.  Whatever you get, you need to check the accuracy of it before using it.  One of mine is off by 5%.

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That's perfect...reasonable price!  How do you check the accuracy of the humidity part?

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I filled a soft drink bottle cap with table salt and a little water. You want it moist but not salt water wet.  I put the cap and the entire hygrometer in a plastic tub with an air tight seal lid. Some people use zip lock bags, but I had better results with the tub.

Wait for 8 hours or so and check the humidity reading. It should be 75%.  What ever the difference is, mark it on the unit with a marker. Like 5% low or 5% high. That way you'll always know what to add or subtract.


Another tip for you to offer the teacher, make a spreadsheet with columns for incubation day (1, 2, 3, etc.), date, morning temp and humidity, afternoon temp and humidity, evening temp and humidity and water added.  I use this to keep track of trends during my hatch. She could have students do the record keeping and come up with some creative assignments to go along with it.

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Okay...humidity-knowledge challenged over does the salt play into it?  Just curious.  I googled a bunch amount humidity but  didn't follow...I am not very scientific.  I like the chart idea.  It's amazing how many lessons one can create from this experience!


btw...nothing happening still.  Would there be a point (like tomorrow) where I should water test again?  And if it still moves, what to do?

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when salt and water (NaCl and H2O), are in a saturated solution at equilibrium, the resultant humidity is 75%. 


I take that today is day 26 from your initial post. You could float test it, but I don't think that going any longer will help. Someone else may have a different opinion.

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There's a crack and peeping!!  I really hope to meet him tomorrow (thinking he is a boy...did the wing test on the other two and they might be girls...I think temperature in the incubator is low).  Amazing!  I hope he doesn't need help out because I don't feel confident enough to handle that.


Thanks so much for all the info about the humidity...very helpful.  This entire experience is incredible and vey educational!

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