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Do I splint it?

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My chicken is limping on one foot. She will put weight on the bad one but i can't see anything wrong with it other than the middle toe? Claw? What do you call it? The middle toe on her foot looks a bit limp almost like it's broken. She will still walk on it although gingerly. Should i splint that toe with a popsicle stick or something? I know those toes are supposed to bend so i'm not sure what the right answer is. TIA!

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since i'm not seeing any replies so far, may I?


my story about limp toes:

my wyandotte hen and her hybrid rooster offspring have or had big old limp middle digits; the roosters (being a bit heavier) developed sores on the underside which infected and became bumble-toe; she's still going strong, the roosters are gone;

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I would splint it just to be sure because you don't know if it is broken or not.

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This is my Easter egger and she's already the bottom of the pecking order. I just don't want them picking on her as a Result. sad.png
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