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Help with possible sick chicken?

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I have a one year old hen who is acting lethargic, and just standing in one spot all fluffed up and won't eat or drink.
She's been this way for a couple days now, she won't eat or drink. Her comb is still nice and bright red, and none of the rest of the flock seems sick in any way. I don't notice any difference in droppings in the coop to signal alarm, but I picked her up to check her out and she did have some mucous type of clear spray come out, in a very little amount. 

We went to our local Agway and they wouldnt sell us medicine for Cocci, because they said it sounded like egg bound and definitely not Cocci, and told us to use mineral oil on her vent. We did try that but still nothing, she just sits in the coop and stands by her nest. 

Any suggestions??? We tried to get her to eat a tums as well, but she wouldn't even nibble at it. 


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It could be a lot of things, but I would check her crop for impacted or sour crop. In early morning, it should be empty--if not something could be wrong. Feel of her breast area for weight loss, and her lower abdomen for lumps, fullness, or tightness. Insert a finger into her vent an inch or so to rule out as stuck egg. Put her in a crate overnight with food and water, and put down some paper towel to check her droppings. Add vitamins and electrolytes to her water, and offer her a chopped up scrambled egg. A feed store clerk should never be able to stop you from buying Corid for coccidiosis.
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She has not had any droppings today and has not layed an egg, ate or drank. She just stands all fluffed up and won't even lay down.
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