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dumb question

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I am building a temporary moveable coop since it's time to get the gals out of the brooder and I haven't got the permanent one finished. It is going to have a 2' x 4' x 3' high closed coop and a 4' x 6' run. I have four chicks.  Do they need water and food inside the roosting coop if they are closed in at night or is outside enough. or maybe just a water nipple...? Trying to fit everything in!


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My flock has neither food or water in the coop. However, if its unrealistic for you to let your chicks out at daybreak, then at least water in the coop part is a good idea.




PS - no questions are dumb. If you are not sure, asking is the opposite of dumb! :)

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As long as you let them out bright and early there is no need to have food and water inside the coop.  They don't eat and drink at night. 

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