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So, hopefully my title caught someone's attention... My roommates boyfriend and his roommates on our university campus thought it would be fun to buy a duckling and chick, and keep them in a cardboard box in their dorm. Now, they are saying that when they get older, they are going to give them away. I told them that I would take them, because I am worried they have already "buddied up," and I do not want them to separate. Can a duckling and chick buddy up like hens? I currently have four hens, about 3 years old, and am pretty experienced raising chicks. Ducks, on the other hand, are a new subject. I know you can't just let them go at a pond, but I do have a couple in my neighborhood, right in front of my house. Any advice on how to keep a duck and a chick? I can get some kind of kiddy pool for my backyard, but how would I introduce the chick and duck to my hens? Can I keep the duck in our coop without a pool and let her out during the day to be in the kiddy pool? Thank y’all!

Also, can I feed the duck the same as my chickens? :hu