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Design this coop

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I have been a lurker here at Backyard Chickens for a little over a year, just  joined a few weeks ago. We have been kicking around the idea of getting chickens for a few years now and finally decided to take the plunge. We are in Central Illinois, so we get just about everything as far weather goes. Our backyard is roughly a half acre, entirely fenced in with a six foot high privacy fence. I plan on building a run off of the coop for when we want them locked up, otherwise they will have free range over most of the yard. We are probably going to go with the Silver Laced Wyandottes for their temperament and are planning on a flock of five to seven hens and one rooster.

  Now to the coop. I picked up what will be the starting footprint of it at a moving sale last weekend for $10.


It measures 5ft wide X 7ft long X 8ft tall, this should give me 30 to 32 sqft of interior space. So my question is, how should I transform this into something useful and pleasing to the eye. I have ideas but would like some other input. Should I use the full height for the coop or elevate it and use the bottom under the coop for a partial run? I will plan on two nesting boxes with external access, at least two windows, an access door for entry/cleaning and vents at both ends at the upper roof line.

What would you do?



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Question 1 - 

do you want to be able to walk in to clean your coop?

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I'm still undecided on this. I need to do some more looking at coop pictures and find a style that we both like that is close to the 5X7 foot print we have.
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I have a coop 8x8 that is about 13 inches of the ground. The chickens like to get under there for any, all, no reasons. The coop is a slight shed roof (rain and snow) and is tall enuf to go in, feed, water, clean - comfortably. No stooping for me. People door one wall with window, same wall other end. Turns out this worked out well since the roost/poop board at this window height. They can look out AND I can look in to the nesting boxes that are opposite the roost to see who's in which box. (Still trying to see who's laying which of two creamy brown eggs!) Chickens little door swings open. Is opposite people door. Window in this wall. The shed roof allows boards to go in/come out for ventilation (read, stink) decrease cold. Chicken wire always in aperture.I can go in comfortably, just about shovel shavings ETC into the wheelbarrow, get eggs, change water ... They do have a wired pen (with wire roof -chicken hawks!) They only used this when "adolescents". Since then they go everywhere. We're in the country, have umpteen acres ...happy chickens. Long response.
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