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i just recently got 5 baby chicks. i've only had them for almost a week, but there are two that are growing combs already and 3 of them that are not quite yet. i am planning to build a coop for them this weekend (if possible), but i am not aloud to have roosters in town, and i don't want to build my coop for 5 if two of them end up to be roosters or whatever the number may be. i also don't want to wait 3+ weeks to build there coop. if that makes sense. so how do i tell if they are females or males? do i really have to wait 3 weeks to tell the gender? any help is much appreciated! thank you all so much!!
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Depending on the breed you can sex them are a very young age. If you post a picture we can give a go on sexing them but we can't guarantee we will be able to sex them. Also if I were you I would build the coop to fit five not only is it better safe then sorry but you may want to add to your flock next year and if you don't build it big enough you can't.

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thank you! i will try to upload a close picture of them as soon as i can! smile.png
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