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How long peep to pip?

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I am on day 24, 23, 22 on a staggered hatch. I have had dismal results and low temps (98 average) since day 20 (I keep bumping it up but it falls again). I had 5 hatch yesterday and have heard peeping of at least two since yesterday with no new pips. The chicks knocked the other eggs a lot and I moved them all to the center of the bator where the temps seem warmer. 

How long is it usually peep to pip? I'm strongly thinging about going in after these since I'm afraid I 'glued' them in the eggs.


How long should I wait?




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If they are peeping that means they have internally pipped and should externally pip within 24 hours generally, after external pip they sometimes zip right away or take up to another 24 hours...
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