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Is a top on a duck pen necessary?

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I've never raised any type of birds and my 10 Saxony ducklings will be shipped on the 25th of this month. I need to build a pen!

I was surfing for an answer to whether or not a duck pen (run) MUST have a top on it, and found a giant YES followed by pictures of no top on the pens. hmmm

My ducks will be on lock down at night because we have a lot of predators in our area, but do they need the pen covered if they're only out there during the day? They'll also have access to the yard so they can swim in the pond and forage. 
We have an abundance of red tailed hawks here and I worry about that, so any input is greatly appreciated!

Gayle :caf

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I would suggest that you build a roof out of anything even mesh but i don't know as i don't keep ducks

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Depends if you need to worry about day time predators.


My pen, when they are in it, has no top. I did have an electric fence around 4' fencing and never had an issue.

We do have hawks here, but they don't seem to bother the current birds.

Their current pen is 7' fencing and has no top. We'll see how that works and if we have issues, depending what is causing the issues, we'll likely string something up there (pen is 25x25).

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Thanks, I decided right off I was putting a hot wire around the pen too. I have the wire, charger and insulators so why not.

I wonder how the coons and possum are going to like that 10 mile charger... I may just mix up a cocktail and sit outside the first night for laughs. lol

Yeah, my pen will be pretty much the same size as yours. If you have any issues regarding not having a top on it I hope you'll let me know, and I'll do the same. 

Any time I'm outside (which is a lot) I figure the ducks can hang out with me or wander around the field or my little pond. I don't see them being penned too much. ;-)

I'm so anxious for them to arrive!!! My Niece brought over her 5 week old Peking who cozied up to my slipper and just looked up at me the whole time, and followed me all over the house. I LOVE the way they look at you. lol
Signing off....Have a great day and I love the pic of your ducks. :)


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I'll probably put something over the top just to keep the hawks from diving in even if it's plastic mesh.

I'm not concerned about the bottom as the fencing will be buried a foot down and have a hot wire around it.
I get attached to animals easily and don't want to see them harmed so I'm border line paranoid about it. I'll definitely go overboard with safety. lol

Thanks for the input. ;-)

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