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Help! Baby Chick Needs To Eat!

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After 15 successful hatches in a 48 hour period, mama hen decided to stop sitting on the remaining 3 eggs. I candled them to make sure she wasnt leaving any babies cold in the box. I heard chirping from one of the eggs. Fortunately, I was able to get her to sit on it. After almost 3 days, the egg had yet to hatch but continued to chirp. Sometime that night little dude busted out. Something is wrong with him though. He cant stand. Mama keeps rejecting him so I have him in a box, under a heat lamp inside. As you can see in the picture, he has a whole little set up and he can kinda stand on his own. Kinda, but not well enough for the others to not trample all over him. Long story short; even though i believe he has a leg defect... I think he stands a chance of making it. He drinks water but wont/cant eat! The death of him will be from not eating. What do i do? I have syringes but when i gave him water in it, he literally almost drown. So i am scared to use it again. Thank you!!
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You could try to crush the food into a powder and mix it with water.

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Don't forget, he has a built in food supply with the absorbed yolk sack.  He won't "need" to eat for 3 days.  Water is all he needs. 

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Little dude pecked around and was able to get some powderized chick scratch down as I held him. Problem #2; he wont stop screaming. The only time he has "happy chirps" is when I am holding/cuddling him. Otherwise he is screaming his little head off. I will introduce him into his family when he is stronger, of course. But for now, does he see me as his mother you think?! Pretty smart for 2 days old.
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His chirps could be that he wants to be close to you, his mommy.  It could also mean that he's cold. 

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