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Lethargic hen

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Hello need some help with some symptoms - we have an 8 month old Wyandotte hen that is acting strange. Doesn't seem to the eating ( crop was empty) and is lethargic. I haven't seen her drink ( she was already in the coop for the night) so no idea if she is dehydrated.

No sneezing, no runny eyes or nose. Doesn't seem to be egg bound - checked her for that since we haven't received an egg from her in a few days.

Any suggestions?
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It might be good to bring her inside where you can observe her to see what she eats and drinks. Give her some water with vitamins and electrolytes, some raw or cooked egg mixed with a little plain yogurt, or some chopped tuna. Fluids are most important. Is there a vet locally that would see her, or could you take a few fresh droppings in to be tested for coccidia and worms? Dehydration can really impact a chicken, and if she is low in the pecking order, she could be kept from eating and drinking. Let us know how she gets along.
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Yea I think we're going to have to do that... I'm gonna give her one more night to see if maybe she just was outta sorts today.

If not looking any better tomorrow she's going to have to have a private suite in our garage/mudroom.
Thanks for the reply and I'll keep updating!
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So we gave her that extra day and while she was free ranging and picking on the grass with the other hens she was extra slow moving and almost falling asleep. So we've separated her and given her some Terravet(?) in her water. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to be drinking so we'll probably have to use a syringe - also something new - when we checked on her this morning she seemed much warmer than normal. Could this be a sign of something?
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If she is not better by tomorrow, I would consider treating her for coccidiosis with Corid (amprollium, Ampromed) in her water. Dosage is 2 tsp of the liquid (or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder, per gallon of water for 5 days. It is found in the cattle medicines in feed stores. Sulmet is an alternative if you can't find Corid. 

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Coccidiosis? Really? We haven't noticed any blood stools - she's now trying to hide in one corner of the cage that we made her with her head hidden.
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So we went out and made sure she got some Terravet water tonight (via syringe) and while I was out there she pooped and Ive never seen anything like it. I'm a relatively new chick-a-holic.

The poop was small - watery, white and had small black formations - say maybe the size of a small piece of scratch. I was looking through the poop discussion on the chicken chicks's website and the closest I could say is the chicken that was dying on cancer, although my girl (Talullah) has more white foamy poop with it -

Sorry no pic - didn't have my phone on me!
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I have seen droppings like that in a chicken with internal laying. Blood isn't always found in coccidiosis, but there may be mucus and a runny stool. A vet can rule that out with a fecal float, and it can save a lot of guesswork, ruling out cocci and worms. Sometimes unfortunately we can't always figure out what is wrong until after a chicken dies, when a necropsy is done. I would try to get her to drink fluids with the Terravet, and you can mix up some raw egg, plain yogurt, and chicken feed, then thin it with water to see if she will eat for you. Have you wormed your flock recently?
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Haven't yet wormed - didn't want to over do it and the flock only about 8 months old. I keep an true out on the droppings - in the yard and in the coop and I haven't seen any evidence of worms. I think I'm going to stick with Terravet and eventually Corid if the Terravet doesn't work. I don't want to over do the meds on her.
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Started her or Corid today. She drank a little and ate a few mealworms so maybe a little better than yesterday. Still very lethargic. Falling asleep while standing up. sad.png she's so sweet I hope we can get her feeling better !
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