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Below is a picture of the last poop she had - basically completely liquid, white with mucus and small red bits. I would say they look like worms but on closer inspection they seemed to just be mucus. Coccidiosis? We started her on Corid liquid 9.5 ml per gallon but she isn't drinking - we've been putting the liquid down her throat but I'm not sure she's getting enough of it. Last night she drank a little and ate a few mealworms but other than that she seems to have gone down hill today.

Help I don't want to lose my sweet girl.

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I have a 5 week old Rhode Island Red doing about the same thing.. I hope everything works out.. Good luck to you
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We lost Tulullah sometime last night. She had been getting Corid for about 4 days and never saw any improvement. I'm going to treat the rest of the flock to be on the safe side.
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i'm so sorry for your loss. i lost my ellie the night before. its so sad, but unfortunately happens.

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I'm taking Tullulah in for a necropsy/ fecal float to verify that it is indeed Coccidosis and then treating the entire flock. Unfortunately we just hatch some new chicks so they will remain separate from this part of the flock for a while.

They will be on medicated feed but should I pretreat them before they begin to mingle
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I'm sorry for your loss. There can be some many different illnesses in chickens, that it can be hard to diagnose a problem. Many don't get answers until a necropsy.Please let us know what you find out. The state vet in most states will do a necropsy on a refrigerated body to find a cause of death. Here are 2 good links with contact info and instructions:

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