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Are they fighting?

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I have 3 silkie chickens. I was told they are all female as we are not allowed roosters in town. They seem to go at each other constantly. Pecking each other, flapping their wings at eachother, jumping on top of one another. They don't ever bug the third one who is also much smaller then the other two. Are they fighting? Playing? This is the first time I've had chickens so I'm just learning. Thanks so much!
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I used to have two silkies and they would fight like what you are describing. We didn't know why. Later on, when they grew older, we found out that they were both roosters. Your silkies both might be roosters, and the smaller one could be a hen.

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Thank you for your reply. That's what I'm worried about. How did you figure out they were roosters?
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How long do you have them
When I first introduced my second lot of hens to the first lot there was a lot of fighting between them for a few days. I guess they were sorting out the pecking order or something cos they stopped after 2/3 days and get on great now. Might be that if they're only new together
I hope it works out for you I know the struggle of not being allowed roosters and hoping u get all girls, the rules are the same here.
Good luck
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