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No.. I was trying to give her one more day on the corid.. Should I switch? Do you think that will help? I have vet rx as well should I give her that? She doesn't seem like it's a respitory issue though.

I was so hopeful and today she's the worst she has been. Maybe I over did it with the syringe water feedings?

I made an egg yolk for her but she won't eat it.

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she is dying. :hit its so sad... i guess all i can do at this point is keep her warm and hydrated? when i pick her up she doesn't even open her eyes. she is so frail and weak. thanks for the help.. i wish i could have saved her.

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Yes it is sad to lose one, especially when you have been treating her so long. They can aspirate or choke easily, but don't beat yourself up that you couldn't save her. It seems that you tried your best.
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She passed last night. I knew she would.. When my husband checked on her she was fallen over and all the other birds were pecking at her.. So I had him wrap her in a warm towel and when I got home I snuggled her so she could die in peace.. Not being pecked at! Thanks for your help.
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