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I agree that it's a poulet. The indicators I usually go by are the crowing, the body shape/size and the neck feather shape.


First, the crowing. It looks to me like that poulet is old enough that if it was indeed a roo, it would have been crowing, although that is not always the case.

The body shape, in my experience with EE are that the roosters are noticeable more upright. Their necks seem to be extended more too.

And the feather shape. On my roosters, I've noticed that neck feathers are usually thinner and have more movement to them, and your poulet seems to have the wider feathers similar to my hens. Then, the tail. It's pretty obvious with roosters' tails, because even at a young age, they tend to be shaped differently and have more movement. It's kind of hard to explain :/

Also, as donrae said, it's more of a hen coloring - not very flashy.

Well, hoped this helped! Have fun with your hen ^.^