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round two went faster. so, it does get better! from start to full clean up it took me an hour and 15 minutes. i need to figure out how to pluck feathers faster. i scald the bird, it's just that everything gets stuck on my hands! and i spend so much time pulling out the last bits. there's got to be a technique i dont know about for people to get the feathers plucked by hand in 15 minutes. 


this time my husband used a hatchet and took the head clean off. i know it's not everyone's favorite approach, and it might not be our forever approach, but for right now, i like it a lot better than knife to throat. we just aren't familiar enough with the neck to do it quickly or cleanly. letting the blood drain was an ENORMOUS game changer. 


that's my update and word of encouragement! it DOES get better and easier!! thank goodness!!!