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I bought 2 pair of quail on Tuesday, about 2 hours from where I live in Florida (N. East) she said that they were about 7 weeks old. I wasn't sure how I wanted to match them up but did not need to think about it they chose there own mate couple of days after I got them and seem to be relaxed and happy. Now that the 2 pair are separated they spend time grooming each other and just kicking back. So far I have purchased 1 uva/uvb 100 watt light bulb. I have not inspected their vents yet but will soon.


I have seen so many comments on lighting necessary for laying and hatching. So I am going to take it in steps. I do give the quail about 13 hours of light a day, the lights are set up on a timer. Timers are inexpensive and make it easier so we don't forget to turn off or on. I am only feeding them Purina Wild Game Chow, non-medicated.  I also are giving them oyster shell ground up using my wife's food processer. I did however find chick grit at tractor supply, much smaller then the regular poultry grit. I also ordered a hand crank grain grinder which should work for oyster shells and making the grain chunks smaller.   All you bird lovers have a great day.