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Hello everyone I have a question. My girls are 9 weeks old and have been penned up in the coop now for 4 nights and and ready to let them have access to the run as well. Do I need to have feed and water in both the run and the coop??? And should I close them in the coop at night or let them have access 24/7 to the run? Went to great lengths to predator proof the coop and run. Thanks for your time and any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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If you can assure that you will let them out at daybreak EVERY day, then the food and water can be in the run. If however, that is not the case, then at least keeping water in the coop (as well as outside) is a good idea. Personally, i would always secure the door, for peace of mind and also to prevent draughts blowing through the coop.


Good luck


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