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Advice needed, please.

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One of my girls ( who seems well and laying daily) keeps laying eggs each day with a white 'something or other' in it. Please can anyone tell me what it is and whether I should be concerned? The girls were wormed with Flubenvet in December. The little lady in question is laying an egg a day and seems perfectly healthy otherwise.... weight fine, bum clean, eating etc.... The 'thing' in the eggs is always around the same size (about the size of a soggy piece of puffed wheat and a similar texture- 'soft' and 'spongy' rather than meat-like texture... sorry for odd descriptions). Hopefully someone here will be able to enlighten me. Any information appreciated.


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Have I posted this in the wrong place? Is there a more appropriate forum to ask this question?

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Hmmmm. I've never seen anything like that! Do they all look like this, or is the texture always the same but the shape and size can differ?

My first thought was it's a bug, my second thought was it's tissue shedding inside her as the egg forms. Bug seems really strange to have them that high in her body. Vent is clear? Not jsut her fuzzy booty, but the actual vent?
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So, if i had to guess RIGHT NOW, my guess would be an unusually large meat spot, or bit of tissue that broke off during egg formation. I think it just has a bug kind of look to it. If she is on the young side or took a nice break over winter, maybe she's working some literal kinks out?
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