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A frame coop/run maintenance

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Hi everyone,

Some of the questions I have feel so basic yet I can't seem to find the info I need. In the next few weeks we will be moving our four chicks to their outdoor home, a 4ftx8ft a-frame coop with run underneath. The run currently has a hardware cloth floor but I am wondering the following:

1) will walking around on all that wire hurt their feet?
2) how often will we need to clean out the run? One of us thinks never and the other thinks that since they won't be able to scratch their droppings into the ground, some cleanup will be necessary.
3) should we go "bottomless?" We are in Vermont where the wildlife abounds, but the hens will be closed into the "loft" (coop) at night. Not sure how much digging will be a problem during daytime hours.

Please help my brain figure out the final details! Thank you!
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1)the wire shouldn't hurt their feet if you cover it with a thick layer of dirt or shavings. I never recommend bare wire floors unless the chickens get free range in the yard as well.
2)the run doesn't need to be cleaned out often. The best way to tell is to watch how much droppings there is. If the floor is covered in it, clean it.then again, my chickens free range all day, so I change it monthly.
3)Bottomless is never a good idea. There are always critters trying to break in for your chickens food, or for your chickens. Make sure you have intricate locks and most definitely, a bottom😊
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Do you think I'd be able to deep-litter in an a-frame coop? Or would it get too wet after rain?

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