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Help! Please! My chicken can't stand.

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Hi, I am hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. My silkie hen who is a about 5 months old, not at laying age yet, I have only had her about a month, started limping the other day and now she can't even stand.
She has been vaccinated for Marek's Disease. I can't feel or see any swelling, lesions or breaks in the legs or feet. It is mostly one side that she is flopping on. She can move both legs, but only grasps my finger with one foot. When she tries to stand she flaps a lot and falls forward and her feet seem to turn in.
I have been syringe feeding her with clinical care food every few hours and making her drink water with b vitamins but she doesn't seem to be getting better.
She doesn't seem to be in pain; she is still bright and chirpy and still purrs when I rub her neck.
However, in the last few hours she seems to have started drooping. Her eyelids are droopy and she seems to be nodding off,then waking up. She has also been almost panting, but not actually panting.
Unfortunately I have just moved house and literally have no money to take her to the vet which I truly wish I could do.
Thank you for taking the time to read my novel. I hope someone can help me, though I'm not expecting any miracles at this stage.
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Check her for any mites or lices under the feathers. My rooster had the dame experience few months ago. He started falling on one side and kept sitting . Stopped eating too and kept sleeping with his head tugged inn between his feathers. If you find any parasites crawling on her skin, you can try by giving her bath with an antilice shampoo or you can try spraying her( Take Ivergene) injection 1 cc mix it in warm water 1 cup and spray her with it all over the muscles and under feathers) Repeat this process every 3rd day thrice . IF you dnt find any parasite, try what i tried on the instructions of the vet: Enro-C (antibiotic) injection 0.5 cc , Neuroban injection 0.2 cc , mix them in 1 cup of water, also add 10 cc milk in it and feed it to the chicken every 3 hours for the next 7 days. Let us know if there is any improvement, I hope your chicken feels better soon.
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Thank you for your reply. I have throughly checked her all over and cannot find and parasites under the wings,around her bum or anything. This is my first time having chickens. Is it possible that she has mites that are very hard to spot? Are mites very small?
She does not have a runny beak or eyes. I just can't work out what might be wrong with her, I have read so many articles which mostly suggest that she has Marek's.
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Mites/ lices are very hard to track, as they move very fast on the skin .... Heres something that you can read .... :
How old is she?
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Thanks Hasaanzia. That's really helpful. I sent you a picture of how she is sitting. She is,i think about 5 or 6 months old. Though I'm not sure exactly as I haven't had her long. She is a bit smaller than my two other girls, who are about 6 months. Since i gave her a lice bath last night she has actually pecked at her food, which is a big change!
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You welcome . Great to hear that shes feeling better.
I hope she makes a speedy recovery smile.png
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Do check your other flock too and keep her separate from them for now. Also if you are keeping them somewhere like on floor or any hard surface , let me tell you that is also a big reason behind mites infestation. Build them a coop if they dnt have one otherwise keep it clean smile.png
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