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Need some Help in here !

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My golden buff rooster is continuously opening his beak sometimes a little sometimes more and his breathing seems a bit fast. Today i caught him sleeping during the day in a spot twice.Eats well, runs alot , is active but opens his beak like hes gasping for air or having some difficulty in breathing....
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Anyone out there who wana help????
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I'm just guessing, think he's like yawning or panting, how's the temperature?

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Summer is starting in here but cool breeze keeps blowing all day long... Plus he got cool shade too. He also keeps crowing .... Can it be related to him being sexualy active? Cause his female died few months back, brought him a new one but she wont let him come near her...
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Again I'm guessing, he could be "calling" for his Hen = crowing.  Maybe he needs another hen or two?  How did his hen die?  Was she sick?  I hope someone with more experience will peep in soon.  Sorry I'm not much help.

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Is he getting enough water?
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She got sick and died sad.png and yes he got full bowl of water infront of him.... He is better now, may be its usual ....
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