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It's 1 tbs every time you change their water. I use it every day..everytime I change their water (for me that's 1-2 x per day) I also swabbed coconut oil on their vent ..carefully ..for a few days and I really think that helped too.

I'm very new to this, so anyone please correct me if needed but I did research on it after I was sick of soaking a couple of their bottoms in water lol
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UNLESS YOU ARE TREATING FOR AN ILLNESS! It's my understanding, if you are giving meds in their water, there should only be meds.. nothing else. After treatment you can resume the ACV.

I hope this helps!!
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Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother" is great for all birds.  I always put it in all my waterers.  I didn't measure just put a splash in with larger splashes for larger pens.  Another item that is really good for chicks is to ferment their feed with ACV.  Just search for fermented feed on here and you will find a couple of great threads.

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