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Well, they are doing well.  I combined advice from several people.  I was able to wedge a hamster cage between the low roosts in my run, low enough that the little ones can run under and the big ones can't.  I put them in and they figured it out pretty quick.  The big reds mostly ignore the little ones. Too busy snuggling into the sand box, The barred rock is interested and keeps going to where they are grouped.  At first the little ones ran away.  AFter a while they kind of didn't back down and the rock gave a few half hearted pecks and mostly ignores them too.  They've all been in the same run all afternoon and all is pretty quiet.  I have water bottles at both ends and the big ones didn't even get upset when the little ones jumped up on the food platform and started eating.  To busy with their afternoon nap (and the meal worms were long gone).


They are all in the same small coop now too.  I've fenced off the nest box and put a seedling warmer under the shavings. That's for the little ones. The big  ones are in the main coop.  Plenty of room for right now.


I'm also making a much bigger coop for when they all get full sized.  Again, using the best ideas from all the coops on the internet.  I love the internet and especially BYC! 



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