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Quail is nesting for sure! Have more questions

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OK so some of you may be getting sick of me already lol but I really don't have any idea when it comes to quails, or any type of bird or poultry in that matter. I'm just learning as I'm going and considering I did everything I was told, to make sure my quail wouldn't lay so many eggs or want to "mother" them she has actually done so, eeekkk!!
So from what research tells me, she will sit anywhere from 18 to 21 days, is this right? Um if it so happens that babies appear, what do I do? My plan was to actually do nothing and leave her to do her thing as I don't really have time to look after chicks and in the "wild" I'm assuming they have no problem keeping their babies warm and healthy? Please I would like loads and loads of advice on mothers incubating, hatching and caring for their young, also do I need to remove the male? He is always seeming to be on guard for her but every now and then gets a little stir crazy but it could just look that way, he is also protective of the eggs n the female when I clean the cage.. will he hurt any chicks after hatching? if there are babies then I only have maybe anywhere from 14 to 16 days to get some knowledge on all this.. not much time to he honest to become an expert hahahah .. if never done anything like this before. Thank you in advance.
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Quails we mostly find are domesticated for more than 500 years and lost the ability to make a nest and can't become sitting hens. So you would have to incubate the eggs for hatching. If you manage to catch few wild quails they might build nests. One clue: if she is incubating successfully, she should stop laying more eggs until eggs are hatched.  


If the quails you have, do care about their eggs, mother will do the incubation. But once hatched they might eat their babies. If you doing this as a research, its always good to just wait and see.


Once hatched you can give crushed game bird starter or give them broiler starter (Even if most people here advise you not to give any medicated feed, there is no real reason.) broiler starter will make them grow faster. 


But incubating quail eggs are the easiest of any kind. If you live in a tropical country, you don't even need an incubator. Just put your eggs and a wet towel in a cardboard box and eggs will hatch in 16 - 20 days. I live in a tropical country and once tried it and out of 30 eggs 15 hatched, 8 died in shell, 6 were bad eggs, 1 came out and died, 2 had crooked necks for not turning as in an incubator (but they live). You can even incubate store bought furtile eggs. search google, there are people who did that successfully before.

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Is that a coturnix or a button quail? My button quail seem to incubate their own eggs quite readily and they are pretty good parents. Even daddy takes part in bringing up the chicks. But some have different experiences, parents pecking the chicks and such. So I'd keep a very good eye on them when the chicks hatch - and if they are button quail, it's more like 16-18 days for the incubation, depending on how tightly she's sitting. 

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Thank you for that information. So far she is sitting all day and night, only moving to drink eat stretch her wings and back to the eggs. She has not laid any more eggs since sitting and she had built a warmer secure nest. The male stands guard from what im watching and sorta does his own thing. I clean the cage when she moves off the eggs to eat as to not disturb her but i do not clean or move anything where her eggs are, she has kept that area quite clean herself. When i clean the cage the male goes n stands with the eggs.
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