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Help I think my hen is egg bound

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I noticed my 1 yr hen looked a little off yesterday. I went to feed them this morning and she was off to the side alone and her comb is pale pink. Upon taking her inside for an inspection her bumb is nasty and stinky. She seems to be "trying to lay her egg" with no luck. I gave her a soak in warm water. Now I have her in a cage in the corner to see what she will do. When she pushes her vent extents as it should but it smells rotten and has a drip of liquid. Is she a lost cause??
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I would clean her vent area in a warm bath to get a look at her skin around the vent. Insert a finger into the vent an inch or so to feel for a stuck egg. If you see a lot of red patches of skin with white, she could possibly have vent gleet. There are several different problems that she could have, so this may take a bit to figure out. There are several internal reproductive disorders in hens. Does she normally lay eggs several times a week? Has she ever been wormed? Here is some reading about vent gleet:

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I had to cull her today. She had vent gleet. I did a small necropsy and from the inside her vent area was green and smelled rotten. It's just crazy that it happened in a matter of two days.
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Very sorry for your loss.
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