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Duckling hatching in wrong postion?

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I have two ducks eggs that I'm hatching and one of them was set to hatch yesterday but hasn't made any progress, I have been avoiding turning it over so I don't mess it up but today I looked at the bottom and noticed this weird spot on it. When I candle the egg I can see it moving against the air sack but it doesn't look like a bill. Could the duckling be set wrong and is trying to pip externally? The eggs are very small and therefore the ducklings are very small so I'm worried about them. Here's some pic of the spot on the egg.

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I am having the same problem with my egg..weird spot on it and it was due to hatch yesterday. Did you get any advice? My duck still moves so I know that it's alive..just not sure what to do
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No not yet. I've followed the article on assisted hatching and open the air sack space to try and find it's bill but the bill is no where to be found so I'm really worried about it. It's still moving around and trying but I don't know if it can get out on it's own and I'm not sure how to find it's bill and move it so it can breath.

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I just checked mine and it had 2 more spots near the air sac..still no feather baby...I'm scared to death to help it hatch as I lost one of my pet ducks today to bumblefoot. I can't lose 2 in a day. How's the progress going
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I'm waiting to see if the veins will thin out a little before I do anything else, I'm afraid that the yolk sack hasn't been absorbed. I did find a positive, there's not much fluid between the duckling anf the membrane so that may mean the yolk sack is absorbed at least a little bit.

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Did you find the beak? I just candled mine again and still see movement. I'm new to hatching and I have 1 egg...
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Nope still can't find the bill.I have any idea of where it might be but I don't know. It's still moving around I'm hoping I can get it out or at least it's bill out in time.

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It should be getting air if you opened the egg...I'm very curious how this turns out because I may have to assist in hatching mine soon. I really hope everything works out for you!
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How's the duckling today?
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I opened the egg but his head was facing away from the air sack where I opened it. It died last night.
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